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What is a Seven Day Demand Letter?

Unpaid Invoices? Call TCH Law Solicitors to arrange a Seven Day Demand Letter These letters, which can be known by many names including: Lawyers Letters; 7 Day Demands; Letters Before Action (LBAs); and Pre-Sue Letters, are drafted by us and sent to your debtor demanding payment within a fixed period - usually seven days (as the name suggests). 

The time period allowed for payment can be altered in line with your instructions, should you believe it necessary and we are happy to discuss this or any other requests with you.

By sending a Seven Day Demand Letter, often your debtor will realise that you are serious about getting the money you are owed and not simply sending empty threats, which can sometimes happen in certain businesses' credit control procedures. In turn, therefore, a Seven Day Demand Letter can be enough to make your debtor settle their debt(s) to you directly – with very little cost to you.                                                         

Even in circumstances where a demand letter's deadline comes and goes without payment materialising, then TCH Law's team of debt recovery experts can guide you through your options for escalating recovery of the sums owed to you.

For instance, if your debtor is a limited company or an Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), instructing us to prepare and send a Short Form Demand or Statutory Demand should be considered. Further, regardless of what type of legal entity your debtor is, individual, sole trader, partnership, company etc, another option to consider, is to initiate court proceedings.

Often, the correct procedure to follow will depend on the circumstances of your own case as well as the status and attitude of your debtor, but, TCH Law Solicitors can guide you through advise you on and guide you through the various options every step of the way.

Seven Day Demand Letter Lawyers, Scotland

If you have credit control problem, for instance debtors refusing to pay invoices, TCH Law can help. To arrange for a Seven Day Demand Letter to be sent or to discuss how our debt recovery solicitors can help you or your business, please call 01698 312 080. You can also email mail@tchlaw.co.uk or fill in our online enquiry form.

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